AlphaBridge transforms the VAT reporting process, automating the population and submission of returns using Functional Compatible Software to integrate with HMRC systems.


What are the options when it comes to implementing digital links? Can and should you use your MTD bridging solution? Are there risks in using spreadsheets? How can you still make amendments and adjustments?

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MTD for VAT (MDTfV) will see the digitalisation of the VAT submission process. From April 2019, the majority of businesses with a turnover that exceeds the VAT threshold of £85,000, will be required to keep VAT records digitally and submit returns using MTD compliant software.

HMRC recently announced a MTD mandation deferral of 6 months, to 1 October 2019, for certain VAT business types. These businesses are currently unable to participate in the MTDfV pilot. The deferral affects VAT groups and divisions, businesses trading with the EU, those based overseas, businesses that submit annually, make payments on account, use the flat rate scheme or are newly registered for VAT.

By April 2020, digital links will need to be implemented for each step taken from the digital VAT record through to the return submission, transforming internal processes. AlphaBridge enables you to digitally submit VAT return data to HMRC and can be easily integrated into your current processes, resulting in a smooth transition to MTDfV.


AlphaBridge enables you to digitally submit VAT return data to HMRC. The solution utilises an Excel template for uploading the return data via digital links developed by Tax Systems. The data is then displayed in the AlphaBridge portal, ready for review and submission.

The AlphaBridge portal assists in monitoring VAT obligations through the use of a dashboard that includes a view of past, present and future MTD obligations together with any liabilities and payments.

AlphaBridge has been specifically developed for MTD for VAT and has undergone extensive testing with HMRC.

  • Delivers a cost-effective MTD compliant bridging solution

  • Provides an easy first step in the MTD compliance journey

  • Gives customers the choice to transform a step at a time

  • Requires limited changes to systems and processes

  • Facilitates the continued use of return preparation spreadsheets

  • Provides a dashboard view of MTD submissions, payments and liabilities

  • Can be rebranded to your firm or corporate livery


What to include in your selection criteria when migrating to MTD for VAT.


AlphaConnect can link data from over 300 proprietary accounting systems. It requires minimal integration with a typical deployment taking 20 minutes.

AlphaLink has been developed for bespoke accounting systems. Similar to AlphaConnect, it facilitates data extraction by creating digital links from local/network folders.


AlphaVAT is an advanced VAT compliance engine that provides complete end-to-end control over the calculation, preparation and management of returns. The solution can reduce spreadsheet dependency and risks or remove the need for them completely.

AlphaVAT can handle VAT calculations ranging from MTD digital link requirements to more complex group consolidation, capital goods schemes, reverse charge and partial exemption (standard and special method). The solution includes robust tax logic, secure access control, comprehensive audit trail and legislative help, providing advanced guidance for teams to calculate and submit MTD-compliant tax returns.

In addition to calculating core domestic VAT, it can also be used to assess VAT recovery rates and adjustments, VAT groups, cross border VAT, and VAT accounting schemes.