Alphabridge – MTD for VAT bridging solution


Alphabridge provides the mandatory digital link between the VAT calculation spreadsheet and HMRC, to ensure compliance with MTD for VAT. HMRC compliant, Alphabridge also provides a suite of additional features to make your VAT submission as easy as possible including:-

  • An entity management screen that shows future obligation periods
  • Access to historical submissions made via the Alphabridge portal
  • Ability to download payments, liabilities and refunds from HMRC
  • Multi-access by different members of the finance team
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    Another option to enable compliance with MTD for VAT is to select a purpose built, fully automated VAT solution….

    AlphaVAT is our gold-standard VAT solution, delivered as SaaS, with inbuilt tax logic covering all types of UK VAT calculations including:

    • Group consolidation
    • Partial exemption (standard and special method)
    • FX
    • Reverse charges

    AlphaVAT drives accuracy and efficiency in VAT processes, enabling more time for business insights. Our specialist VAT software uses automation technology to reduce risk, increase control and maximise recovery rates.

    How does AlphaVAT help?


    ELiminates spreadsheet errors,checks data,flags anomalies


    Stremliens tax processes and reduces preparation and submission times


    Automates processes while still facilitating manual checks and review


    Redues risk of errors. incorrect VAT and non-compliance


    Delivers tax intelligence to inform tax planning

    Best of breed VAT compliance

    We’re fully committed to keeping Alphabridge and AlphaVAT up-to-date and HMRC compliant, through our dedicated UK based tax team so you can be confident in the calculations today and in the future.

    Whichever solution you choose you can be sure we have the experience and expertise to ensure you are compliant with MTD for VAT.

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