Even experienced users of Alphatax may be missing out on the efficiencies that it can deliver by not being up to speed with its full advanced functionality. Our one-day Alphatax Expert Course will ensure users are making full use of the Alphatax capabilities and delivering the best return on their Alphatax investment.

Who should attend?

This full one-day course is aimed at experienced Alphatax users and is designed to provide a recap on the latest release and to cover the more complex areas of functionality.

Who will benefit:

After one day’s training on our Alphatax Expert Course you’ll be able to use Alphatax’s advanced functionality to noticeably improve output and efficiency for yourself and your team. Attendance ensures that users are not only up to date with all new areas of the software, but also have a full understanding of its more complex functionality and how to get the best from it.

Course content:

Delegates will cover the most pertinent points from the latest Alphatax release introduced by current legislation and enhancements to the functionality. Using a trading company case study, it will also focus on the benefits of Alphatax’s more advanced functionality for dealing with:

  • Overseas trades

  • Overseas PEs

  • Complex tax adjustments – how Alphatax can speed up the process

  • Pension contributions

  • R&D tax credits – making the most of the new regime

  • Transfer Pricing adjustments

  • Simplifying general fixed assets and capital allowances

  • Intangible assets

  • S940A transfers

  • Capital disposals

  • Management expenses

  • Utilisation of losses

  • Group relief

How to sessions:
  • Making the most of the new Report designer tool

  • Accounts integration – multiple imports & speeding the mapping process

  • E-filing & DPL requirements

  • Snapshot tool and Compare differences

  • CCM & advanced tracking functions

  • The interactive help system

Course Dates

For more information please email us at training@taxsystems.com or call our Training Coordinator on 01784 777 690.

Cost, Terms & Conditions

The cost of the course is £600.00 for a classroom-based course and £420.00 for a web-based course. These courses are chargeable and the cost displayed is inclusive of VAT. 

If your chargeable booking is cancelled within 5 working days of the course date, 50% of the course fee is charged.

If your chargeable booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the course date, the full fee is charged. If your ‘pre-sold training’ booking is cancelled within 5 working days of the course date, your training place will be lost for the current licence period.

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