Optional Functions

At Tax Computer Systems, we understand that every company has different needs when it comes to tax compliance. This is why Alphatax has been developed with a wide range of optional software functions that can be seamlessly integrated into the core application. This enables you to tailor the core product to suit your organisations exact requirements. Please take a moment to browse the below functions to learn more:

AlphataxGroup Function – Manage all your group computations easily

AlphataxTax Accounting – Streamline the calculation of Tax Provisions

AlphataxTax Administration – One location control of essential tax administration deadlines

AlphataxAccounts Integration – Automate the input of accounting data

AlphataxTax Pack – Excel based tax packs

AlphataxDocument Manager – One location for all your documents

Div Con MotifDivisional Consolidation – Prepare computations on a divisional level

AlphataxData Entry – Streamline the process of collecting data from accounting sources

AlphataxPartnership – Prepare and manage the partnership returns

AlphataxReport Designer – Produce a report on every data item within a computation

AlphataxHosted Service – 24/7 access to your corporation tax software

AlphataxEnterprise Platform – Highly scalable platform for multiple users and companies






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