The course aims to provide users with a recap on the most widely used features in Alphatax including the new features introduced in the most recent release of the software. This course is designed for experienced users of Alphatax using Accounts Analysis.


Delegates will cover the recent updates to Alphatax introduced by current legislation and enhancements to the functionality. The course also covers the use of other advanced functionalities in the software such as:

  • s940 CTA 2010 transfer of trade

  • R&D tax credits

  • Transfer pricing adjustments

  • Intangible assets

  • Capital disposals

  • Accounts Integration

  • Overseas Royalty Income

  • Property Income.

Advanced system tools including:

  • CCM overview

  • Tax Administration summary

  • Reports

  • Help Menu

  • Snapshot tool.

Attendance ensures users are up to date with all new and advanced areas of the software.

Course Dates
Course ID Course Name Course Date Type Time Spaces Price (inc VAT)
AREFWAA 210121 Refresher AA 21st Jan 2021 Webinar 10.00-13.00     10 £420
AREFWAA250221 Refresher AA 25th Feb 2021 Webinar 10.00-13.00     10 £420
AREFWAA250321 Refresher AA 25th Mar 2021  Webinar 10.00-13.00     10 £420

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Cost, Terms & Conditions

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