We offer a number of Tax Accounting courses designed to help you best use the appropriate module of your Alphatax solution. They help to ensure reliable and accurate disclosure of current and deferred tax as required for tax reporting purposes.

Who should attend?

This course will benefit individuals who are responsible for tax provisioning.

Who will benefit:

Users will gain peace of mind from understanding how the Alphatax IFRS deferred tax balance sheet operates and how this references back to the computation. Courses also cover how Alphatax derives and automates the prior year adjustment values. In addition we offer tips and tricks on saving time in using the functionality-rich module.

Specific to FRS 102, Users will gain peace of mind from fully understanding the scope of our tax accounting module. It generates comprehensive automated tax notes for disclosure in the accounts, which are fully cross-referenced against the computation for total confidence in the numbers generated.

Course content (IFRS and FRS 101):

These courses are delivered by trainers who are familiar with both the software and with direct experience of tax accounting. Using case studies of real life scenarios, the courses cover a variety of statements and tax accounting issues from both a software and theoretical angle, as listed below:

  • Alphatax and accounting standards

  • Changing provision rates

  • Group relief

  • Overseas tax

  • Group tax accounting

  • Tax charge per accounts

  • Tax account summary

  • Deferred tax temporary differences

  • Deferred tax statement of financial position

  • Overall proof of tax charge

Specific to FRS 102 course:
  • Timing differences

  • Losses

  • Deferred tax provisions

  • Detailed reconciliation of the total tax charge

Course ID Course Name Course Date Type Time Price (inc. VAT) Booking  Spaces
AATAXACC041121 Tax Accounting AA          TBC          
Cost, Terms & Conditions

All of the above courses are chargeable. 

If your chargeable booking is cancelled within 5 working days of the course date, 50% of the course fee is charged.

If your chargeable booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the course date, the full fee is charged.