Alphatrac v5.1

Version 5.1 of Alphatrac is now available online and includes full release notes about the new features, which include:

      • Dashboard chart drill-down – Just click on any chart segment and it’ll take you directly to the source information, whether it relates to tasks or financial information, so you have a clear audit trail and faster access to it.
      • Dashboard filters – These let you filter the charts on the Dashboard to quickly give a personalised view of one Country or one Business in real time.
      • Additional dashboard charts – Now you’ll find even more charts available in the library. All of them are interactive and intuitive to use.
      • New standing data page ‘Entities’ – This new page has been created to hold standing data for all of the entities in your site, providing a more useful first-stop for compliance information. It also makes the data easily available to all user types.
      • Adding and editing countries – It’s easy to add new countries to your site as you expand into new territories.
      • User password recovery – When users have forgotten their passwords, they can now reset them without having to bother the Administrator.

Here are the key changes for those of you already using the Country-by-Country reporting module of Alphatrac:

      • OECD format Country-by-Country reports – This time-saving feature automatically converts all data collected for C-by-C into the now familiar OECD format as well as additional formats to aid analysis.
      • Currency conversion – Now you enter data into Alphatrac in any currency and convert to a base currency, using an exchange rate that you control, for central reporting.

These new features have been designed in response to enhancement requests from customers, so now Alphatrac can deliver even more time-saving through project management functions and better risk management with improved visibility of your data.

For more detailed information, you can access the full release notes here.






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