AlphaVAT now includes HMRC recommended data checks

Our comprehensive data checks ensure your VAT returns are right first time, every time.

We’re delighted to be the first software vendor in the VAT regimes, to have successfully completed a digital checks trial in conjunction with HMRC.

As a result, we have now implemented the HMRC recommended checks into AlphaVAT – our gold-standard, specialist VAT solution, delivered as SaaS.

This new feature enables our customers to make the correct decisions for VAT handling and improve the accuracy of submissions and payments.

Increases Accuracy

Saves Time

Avoid Fines

Improve Financial Planning


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    Get your VAT returns right, right now!

    AlphaVAT helps our customers get their VAT returns right first time, every time, with a comprehensive set of digital checks. These include standard checks, custom checks and now HMRC recommended data checks.

    These can be applied across data sets to eliminate the risk of spreadsheet errors, remove the need for time-intensive manual data checking and create the opportunity to identify more business insights.

    AlphaVAT data checks

    By integrating in-product prompts to the AlphaVAT platform, key elements of the VAT return process are automated, reducing re-work when HMRC runs their checks. Customers can then ensure accurate calculation of their VAT amounts, avoid fines and protect their reputation. Digital checks also reduce errors, help the tax gap and, as a result, improve financial planning.

    Standard checks – these are our “out-of-the-box” checks, covering out of period transactions, duplicates and anomalous VAT rates.
    Custom checks – many corporates have their own unique checks they perform manually in the VAT Return process. AlphaVAT makes it easy for end-users to set-up custom checks to mirror the checks they are running today.
    HMRC checks – HMRC run checks on submitted VAT Return data as part of their audit regime. Errors or discrepancies can result in a resubmission of a Return, penalties and audits.

    The future of tax is digital

    Digital checks form a key part of the government’s strategy to transform tax administration to make it more accurate, efficient and ultimately to reduce the tax gap. Their goal is for businesses to get their tax affairs right, from the outset and prevent non-compliant outcomes happening in the first place.

    HMRC wants a digital tax system and has invested heavily in technology for better targeted audits. With the VAT gap increasing to over £12bn, the biggest contributor is a “failure to take reasonable care”, fundamentally due to carelessness or negligence, HMRC is increasing its audit activity with VAT firmly in its sights.

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