HMRC’s requirement for iXBRL computations and accounts adds a considerable review burden to third party reviewers who do not have access to specialist software such as Alphatax and Alphatag as XBRL metadata is not designed to be human readable.

To support third party review of XBRL metadata embedded in iXBRL documents prepared in Alphatax or Alphatag, Tax Computer Systems has made available a new review package – Alphaview. Alphaview is designed to aid third party review through the use of a simple, colour-coded view of the XBRL tags in a document supported by a summary of iXBRL data contained in the document. Follow the instructions below to download the utility.

  • Added support for iXBRL 1.1
  • Added support to display full dimension name (previously context ref)

Important Note

Unfortunately to reveal the embedded XBRL, the documents generated by Alphaview are NOT suitable for e-filing submission. HMRC will reject Alphaview’s files if this is attempted.

Installation Instructions

Note. You should only download from this site if you are authorised within your organisation.

  • Click here to download Alphaview, and choose Open. The application is stored in the C:\Program Files\TCSL\TCSL Alphaview folder.
  • Double-click the Alphaview icon on your desktop.
  • The PDF supporting documents can be accessed from the Task bar – choose All Programs, then TCSL, and finally TCSL Alphaview.

The tax computation iXBRL file needs to be copied to a working folder at the Copy E-Filing files dialog within Alphatax. Alphaview should open the file from the same location. See the supporting documentation for full details.

If you would like further information about any of the new functions and enhancements or if you experience any problems with the new release, please contact Support on +44 (0)1784 777 666 or email






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