Alphatax is specifically designed to run on Enterprise Database technology. Providing a highly scalable platform for multiple users and companies.

Enterprise Databases can suit all sizes of organisations that would require a centralised database to handle large amounts of data. Scalability is a key factor which simply means how well the database handles multiple, simultaneous transactions. Enterprise Database ensures smoother management of key data and provides better performance which ultimately serves the end users.


Key Benefits

Some examples of Enterprise Databases that you might have heard of would be Microsoft’s SQL Server or Oracle. The benefits achieved through the use of a server-based system are

  • Flexibility
  • Powerful performance
  • Scalability
  • Accessibility

Our Alphatax Enterprise software is totally flexible. It can be integrated easily with other tax and accounting systems if required. The central nature of the data repository allows collaborative working by many different people during the tax compliance process.

Continuous and growing data volumes, coupled with the legal and regulatory requirements, means an enterprise database should be a key part of your compliance infrastructure.






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