Our Corporation Tax Training (entry level) course provides an instant productivity boost for your organisation. With the increasing complexity of the tax rules, it is essential that individuals at all levels of an organisation keep up to date with the changes and regulations relevant to their work responsibilities.

Who should attend?

For newcomers to corporation tax and those needing a refresher, this intensive two-day course is ideal for accountants, and others, who need an up-to-date knowledge boost of the main principles and rules of Corporation tax, but who do not require specialist knowledge.

Who will benefit:

This training will particularly benefit those companies who feel they don’t have the specialist knowledge to handle their own corporate tax computations as well as professional firms who have graduates with no Corporation tax experience and can’t spare the time to train them.

Course content

Working from a series of case studies, this course provides a reminder of the fundamentals of Corporation tax, an update on recent developments and examples of typical Corporation tax issues arising. The objective is to prepare individuals so that they are able to manage the preparation of Corporation tax computations within their company or professional firm.

Please note that no software is used on this particular training course.

Learning outcomes include a greater understanding of:

  • Tangible fixed assets

  • Pro forma computation

  • Analysing corporate tax data

  • Adjustments of trading profits

  • Capital allowances

  • Pension spreading

  • Trading and non-trading losses

  • Property business income

  • Corporate capital gains

  • Research and development

  • Loan relationships

Course Dates

For more information please email us at training@taxsystems.com or call our Training Coordinator on 01784 777 690.

Cost, Terms & Conditions

All courses are chargeable.

If your chargeable booking is cancelled within 5 working days of the course date, 50% of the course fee is charged.

If your chargeable booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the course date, the full fee is charged.

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