Tax Tables

Please find below the downloadable files for tax tables (tcslct.tbl) and tax district (tcslct.dst) in zipped format. Files downloaded from this page will need to be unzipped and placed in the same location as Alphatax.

If DST files have already been associated with an application such as Notepad or Excel on your computer, the tcslct.dst file will be automatically opened in that application when you click on the hyperlink. If this is the case, we recommend that you close the file and then, at the hyperlink, click the right mouse button and choose Save Target As to save the file to the correct location.

Tax Table

To view HMRC’s interest rate tables, click here.
Newer versions than what is already included in your current version of Alphatax will be available below

Alphatax v24.0 Table File

Alphatax Tax District file (TCSLCT.DST)

This list is based on the HMRC-compiled list of addresses for Businesses & Corporations and the Large Business Service (LBS) & Specialist Offices.
Click here to search for your Corporation Tax Office on the HMRC web site.

Tax District file

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