How digitalisation technologies can be used to increase the organisation’s comfort in its tax position

Tax – and VAT in particular – is ripe for digitalisation so how can today’s technologies be used to reduce the risk profile and the likelihood of audit – and when it does occur, minimise disruption; identify repayment opportunities through other treatments; and, improve the processing of more complex processes such as partial exemption, making it easier to manage and maximise recovery rates?

In this webinar, we explore the application of tax technology and the gains it can confer by looking at:

  • Market trends and the business issues driving digitalisation
  • Challenges around existing VAT processes and technologies
  • Where digitalisation can help most and for which businesses
  • What the future might look like for VAT in concert with the other tax regimes
  • How digitalisation technology can…
    • Increase the comfort of your business in its tax position
    • Reduce your risk profile with HMRC
    • Reduce the likelihood of audit and when it does occur minimise disruption
    • Identify repayment opportunities through better treatments and make complex processes such as partial exemption easier to manage
    • Reduce the time tax teams dedicate to VAT reporting and free up staff for more valuable business activities
  • Business cases you can use to justify investment

We also feature a demonstration of a digital VAT platform (AlphaVAT) where we explore how organisations can benefit from digitalisation and we’ll be opening the floor to questions at the end of the session.

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