What is the availability of services in Tax Systems?


  • Service availability is the measure of the service being available and accessible to the customers during the committed timeframes and is usually expressed as a percentage.
  • Availability does not include outages or disruptions caused by:
    • Planned maintenance Releases conducted outside of the Core Hours and notified to the Customer at least seven days in advance.
    • Any improper use, misuse or unauthorised alteration of any Software Service, or Additional Service, by or on behalf of the Customer.
    • Any use of a Software Service, or Additional Service, by the Customer in a manner inconsistent with the then-current Documentation.
    • The use by the Customer of any hardware or software not provided by the Supplier or approved by the Supplier in the Specification for use by the Customer in connection with a Software Service and/or Additional Service.
    • A breach by the Customer of its obligations under the relevant Contract.

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