Alphalife Business Platforms

Alphalife is a comprehensive software solution with exceptional levels of automation and advanced technology which allows organisations to effectively manage the preparation of their life tax computations. Alphalife has both life and non-life capabilities and provides unparalleled support during all phases of the compliance cycle. Alphalife will deliver major efficiency savings to your organisation while introducing an outstanding level of risk management into the tax compliance process.

Tax Computer Systems has carefully designed and configured software bundles to manage the needs of small, medium and large life companies. All of our Alphalife Business Platforms are available as a Hosted Service.


Alphalife Business Entry 

The Alphalife Business Entry Platform is an end-to-end tax compliance solution for small corporations which incorporates year-end tax provisioning.

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Alphalife Business Group 

The Alphalife Business Group platform is aimed at small to medium sized organisations who have a need for group level reporting and administration.

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Alphalife Business Advanced

The Alphalife Business Advanced Platform is aimed at organisations who require a complete end to end tax compliance solution incorporating automated data collection processes.

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Alphalife Business Corporate

The Alphalife Business Corporate Platform is aimed at large organisations who require an end to end tax compliance solution in an Enterprise environment supported by SQL or Oracle database architecture.

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