Make every calculation count

Eliminate 100% of spreadsheet errors and ensure your VAT returns are right, first time, every time.

AlphaVAT is our gold-standard, purpose-built VAT software that drives accuracy and efficiency in VAT processes, enabling more time for business insights. Our specialist VAT software uses automation technology to reduce risk, increase control and maximise recovery rates.

Inbuilt tax logic covers all types of UK VAT calculations such as:

  • Group consolidation
  • Partial exemption (standard and special)
  • FX
  • Reverse charges
  • AlphaVAT ensures a consistent and error free calculation process every time

We’re fully committed to keeping AlphaVAT up-to-date and HMRC compliant so you can be confident in consistent and error free calculations today and in the future.

Reduce errors

Save time

Maximise recovery rates

ISO 27001 & Cyber Essentials

MTD for VAT compliant

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    Mitigate Risk

    • AlphaVAT ensures VAT Returns are right first time, every time – a track record of accuracy reduces the likelihood of HMRC audit.
    • AlphaVAT contains a robust set of data controls with clear digital links so you can easily review every number on the VAT return, reconcile back to the source data and evidence compliance.
    • Data security is everything – which is why Tax Systems are ISO27001 accredited, and Cyber Essentials certified. All data is processed and stored using onshore data centres, so it never leaves the UK.

    Create Opportunities

    Automating transactional workloads not only reduces errors, but it also saves valuable time – one client, operating with a PESM has saved 3 months per year!

    • Cut time spent on VAT returns by 50%
    • Reduced compliance workloads by 70%
    • Filed on average 3 – 5 days earlier

    Teams can focus on delivering higher value business activities that make a real difference, such as data analysis and tax planning.

    Maximise your recovery rates.

    AlphaVAT also gives you the opportunity to potentially maximise recovery rates through increased accuracy, such as calculating percentages direct from the source data

    Generate Insights

    AlphaVAT has an easy to configure dashboard which gives you visibility across the entire VAT process. Trend analyses and data summaries allow you to compare with prior periods and gain new insights. We’ll help you get the story out of the data faster.

    Talk to us today about how AlphaVAT can transform your VAT process by mitigating risk, creating opportunities and generating valuable business insights.

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