An MTD for VAT solution with compliance at its core

AlphaVAT is our gold-standard VAT solution, delivered as SaaS, with inbuilt tax logic covering all types of UK VAT calculations including:

  • Group consolidation
  • Partial exemption (standard and special)
  • FX
  • Reverse charges

We’re fully committed to keeping AlphaVAT up-to-date and HMRC compliant so you can be confident in the calculations today and in the future.

Flexible enough to fit you

We understand that many businesses need a solution that can accommodate changes to source data and systems, without compromising on compliance. AlphaVAT is flexible enough to handle additions to cost centres or changes in ERP reporting, as well as implement more complicated methods, without there being a costly or time-consuming IT project every time. And because it’s all captured in a full digital audit trail, you can be confident that you’ll always be MTD for VAT compliant.


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    Get greater control

    AlphaVAT contains a robust set of data controls with clear digital links from source to report so you can easily review every number on the VAT Return and reconcile back to the source data.

    • It allows you to control access based on role and entity. Every action is time stamped, logged, and recorded, creating a precise track record of the entire return.
    • Standard checks are available as you’d expect, but we also make it really easy for you to set up your own custom checks. So you only need to run the checks that are relevant to you.
    • Not only that but you can automate actions taken on the checked data, for example, you can block customer entertainment.

    Maximum Security

    Data security is everything – you need to know that your data, (and your customers’ data) is safe. Tax Systems take this responsibility seriously, which is why we’re ISO27001 accredited, and Cyber Essentials certified. All data is processed and stored using Microsoft Azure’s primary and secondary onshore data centres, so it never leaves the UK.

    Compliance is just the beginning

    The top businesses are realising that digitalising their tax processes can provide them with immediate gains. These include significant time savings, fewer errors, and more time to carry out data analysis and tax planning.

    By choosing specialist VAT software, they’re investing in a solution that’s fit for any future changes in legislation, as well as organisational growth.

    Talk to us today about how AlphaVAT can deliver compliance and so much more.

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