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Maximise your VAT reclaim potential through advanced technology
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Mitigate Risk

Comprehensive data checks, automated sector recovery and cost allocation eliminate PE spreadsheet errors. Digital links and audit trail visibility allow you to demonstrate compliance of your PE.

Create Opportunities

Recovery percentages calculated from source data and the flexibility to implement more complicated PE methods enable you to maximise recovery rates.

Generate Insights

Detailed analytics allow you to identify trends, compare historic & future liabilities as well as provide the justification needed to request PE methodology changes from HMRC.

Improve the accuracy, control and efficiency of your partial exemption calculations

Partial exemption, both standard and special method, is often the most difficult part of the VAT return.

Due to its inherent complexity, methods are kept relatively simple and practical, with widespread use of ‘guestimates’. All too often this results in VAT recovery not being maximised.

AlphaVAT contains unique functionality to fully digitise this convoluted process, helping to pinpoint exactly what VAT you can recover.

  • Annual adjustment.
  • Sector recovery and automated direct cost attribution.
  • Automated indirect cost allocation.
  • Data mapping & tagging.
  • Comprehensive data checks including HMRC digital checks.
  • Analytics and diagnostics.

AlphaVAT provides unrivalled partial exemption functionality

Enabling you to automate your entire VAT returns process
Attribution allocation

Increase efficiency by automating direct and indirect cost allocation

Annual adjustment

Save significant time and effort on ‘trueing up’ by re-using data already in AlphaVAT

Comprehensive audit trail

Easily evidence how you’re operating your partial exemption to HMRC

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