Our Process Management Suite provides organisations with a window into systems, people and processes, providing greater insight and better control of the tax compliance lifecycle, from data owner to tax specialist. Providing a single view of the status of submissions and workloads it allows you to manage tax compliance responsibilities, mitigate risks and enhance productivity.


With compliance obligations growing at an unprecedented rate, keeping track of multiple submissions, their statuses and associated responsibilities across separate reporting entities is becoming increasingly difficult.

For corporations with complex tax compliance obligations, from financial statements, global reporting and Corporation tax, to VAT and diverted profits, increases in obligations can be overwhelming for senior accounting officers who are responsible for a multitude of different tax compliance submissions across numerous accounting entities.

Historically, it has been difficult to adopt an efficient way of dealing with this. Companies often find they are filling in spreadsheets reactively when deadlines loom. Those responsible have to chase contacts across the globe by phone or email, managing multiple data sources and formats. The time it can take to gather the required information can place organisations at increased risk of exposure.

Higher workloads also increase the amount of time and bureaucracy involved in inputting, completing, reviewing and signing off individual workstreams. For organisations with large numbers of compliance obligations, this will result in process bottlenecks as deadlines approach, as well as rework loops, reduced accuracy of submissions and issues around staff productivity.

A single process management dashboard brings all your compliance monitoring and reporting into a single location, delivering a single repository for tax teams to provide compliance updates and supporting information that reduces compliance risks, while improving the efficiency of your tax processes.



Process Management Suite is our risk management, audit control and business intelligence solution, which can either be hosted by us or installed on your premises, providing organisations with a window into their people, systems and processes –
and offering greater control of the tax compliance lifecycle and associated processes across the whole organisation, from data owner to tax specialist. Providing company-wide insight into multiple ongoing submissions, Process Management Suite helps to mitigate compliance risks and enhance productivity.

It brings all compliance reporting, workflow, productivity information and analytics into a central point through automatic interrogation of multiple systems and multiple jurisdictions. Tax management can track at a glance where the organisation is in the submissions process, who is doing the work, and identify which entities are likely to provide information late, thus identifying the level of risk to the organisation in real-time and providing insight to identify potential areas to apply innovative technology for operational efficiency gains.

The system is highly customisable and allows for a granular interrogation of detail from interactive charts and tables or a snapshot view of the overall compliance picture in order to analyse the level of risk and efficiency across a whole group or at country level.


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