The Realities of FATCA/CRS Reporting Webinars

With annual submission deadlines fast approaching, our FATCA/CRS webinars review what the industry has learnt over the past five years and the compliance technology choices available. 

The webinars will cover five main areas:
  • The changes to FATCA/CRS reporting since 2015, how it’s being implemented and the OECD’s plans for 2021.

  • What we have learnt around best practice ie streamlining processes in order to:

               - improve data collection

               - remove the complexities of multi-format reporting, 

               - and ensure validation first time around to reduce queries

  • The pros of cons of the five compliance choices including weighing up the benefits of software vs outsourcing your reporting

  • Why you might reconsider your current compliance approach in order to benefit from the automation of a compliance engine and/or gain access to real tax expertise

  • A demonstration of our new Alphacat FATCA/CRS software and XML conversion service 


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