Accurate and direct data collection from multiple sources to tax software.

Accounts Integration helps automate accurate data capture, streamlining the compliance process resulting in time and cost savings with reduced risk from inaccurate manual input.



Reliable data input into Alphatax is an essential part of the compliance process. Using Accounts Integration to automate the data harvest, from a trial balance for example, is a way to ensure that the correct information is gathered with speed and without error. This frees up the tax professional’s time so that it can be spent on more complex tax matters.


Reliable data

It is essential that a tax computation contains accurate accounts information drawn from multiple sources – i.e. multiple data sets can be mapped and imported to the same computation template. However, errors can be made when data is input manually into the Alphatax engine. Accounts Integration automates data entry ensuring that accounts information is populated in Alphatax without error.

Flexible integration mapping

The mapping between your accounting software and Alphatax is infinitely flexible so that the data you need is reported where you need it in the computation. The mapping is controlled from within the Alphatax file, so it is easy to see what is linked and where. As the mapping control is user-friendly, it is also easy to amend as required.

Transferable integration mapping

For groups of companies, or where entities have a similar reporting and accounts structure, the mapping can be repeated for each one. This multiplies the time and efficiency savings of Accounts Integration.

Full audit record

A full record of the data input is created within the computation. This includes a date and time stamp so that the data can be traced back to the source. Each item reported within the computation, which has been imported though Accounts Integration, can also be tracked directly to the source.

Comprehensive reporting

Accounts Integration can be used for data capture for many types of computations in Alphatax. For example, it can be used for:

  • Trading Companies – Investment Companies
  • Partnerships – Non-resident Landlord Returns
  • Divisional Computations – Collective Investment Schemes


Accounts integration gives you the following key benefits:
  • Time Saving
  • Easy-to-use and Intuitive Interface
  • Accurate Data Transfer
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Flexible Mapping
  • Cost Saving
  • Reduced Risk

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