XBRL Tagging of UK and Irish Statutory Accounts.

The Alphatag engine is designed to assist tax and finance departments with the XBRL tagging of their statutory accounts documents. The software enables you to fully tag iXBRL files, in line with the latest taxonomies, ready for electronic filing to HMRC.



Alphatag provides high levels of tagging automation, fully enabled, including FRS 101, 102, 105 and IFRS, UK Charities and UK DPL taxonomies. It is intuitive, and built-in controls and validation checks help to mitigate business risk while enhancing productivity.


Document conversion

The Alphatag solution supports documents created in both Word and Excel. The system then can quickly and efficiently convert them into an Alphatag format. Alphatag can tag the statutory accounts in the required FRS 101, 102, 105, UK Charities or IFRS taxonomies and facilitates detailed profit and loss extension if applicable.

Tagging technology

Alphatag has fully integrated and intelligent data dictionaries including a global dictionary facilitating a higher number of tags being picked up automatically for new reporting standards, and a user dictionary that is populated with tag values applied during the automatic tagging process. Once a document has been tagged automatically, you have the option to amend any automatically-applied tags or apply manual tags to any remaining items. This coupled with our “tag once” technology enables manually amended tags to be saved and applied to any future tagging.

Review features

Alphatag encompasses a review feature, enabling you to review all tagged and un-tagged items within a document. Alphatag checks for and flags up any errors against HMRC’s validation rules, allowing you to rectify them and avoid any e-filing failures. A full audit trail is maintained throughout the tagging process.


All tagged accounts must be electronically filed using a recognised Corporation tax engine in accordance with HMRC. Our flagship engine, Alphatax, is the preferred choice for e-filing to HMRC. This combined with Alphatag allows you to e-file your computations, CT600s and tagged accounts seamlessly through the government gateway.

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