Alphatax is the UK and Ireland’s No. 1 enterprise corporation tax compliance software solution with over 1,100 customers including 43% of the UK FTSE 100 and 23 of the top 25 Accountancy firms.

Developed in the UK and Ireland by an experienced team of qualified tax and accountancy professionals, Alphatax is designed to provide tax professionals with complete control over the preparation and management of their Corporation tax computations.



Alphatax is our comprehensive corporate tax compliance engine delivering accuracy, efficiency and control over the end-to-end tax compliance process. With automated data collection tools, robust tax logic, inbuilt cross references, comprehensive audit trail and legislatively up-to-date help, you can rely on Alphatax to calculate and e-file fully iXBRL compliant tax returns and computations.



Alphatax provides inbuilt support for all Corporation tax requirements out of the box:

  • Accuracy – With 25 years of market leading experience writing comprehensive tax software for all company types, our intuitive and clearly presented calculations deliver accuracy and certainty around the tax calculations as well as an e-filing success rate averaging close to 100%.
  • Visibility – Our clearly presented calculations give an unparalleled level of visibility both within the tax calculations and for reporting purposes across multiple companies.
  • Control – The design of Alphatax gives you powerful reporting capabilities which deliver ultimate control over your data. Additionally, our extensive error reporting ensures that the quality and integrity of your computations are consistently high.
  • Cost saving – Alphatax enhances the quality, accuracy and efficiency of your compliance processes meaning that you can spend more time on value added activities and less time on data entry and review.


Tax logic

The tax logic in Alphatax is developed, maintained and supported in the UK and Ireland by a team of qualified tax professionals who review the legislation and liaise with relevant tax authorities and professional bodies to determine the changes required to ensure that the software is always legislatively compliant and up-to-date. From the design of the input and report statements, to the underlying calculations and the iXBRL filing requirements, our development teams strive to ensure that the software is intuitive and logical, delivering a comprehensive and legislatively accurate Corporation tax compliance solution that caters for all company types, with high levels of automation when preparing tax computations and reports.


Alphatax automatically produces all the relevant tax compliance reports to aid planning and provide full and clear disclosure to the tax authorities. The Report Designer module allows you to create highly configurable bespoke reports across the multi-period Alphatax database.

Fully integrated e-filing & XBRL tagging

Submission of the tax return to the relevant tax authorities is seamlessly achieved via our inbuilt e-filing wizard, and Alphatax automatically XBRL tags relevant items in the computation without any additional user intervention.

Data collection

Alphatax supports the automatic integration and exchange of tax data through a combination of products and tools tailored to your specific requirements. Tight integration with our Data Management Suite products provides our customers with a range of automated data collection choices that take into account where customers are on their automation journey and help streamline the process of creating and collecting information from data owners.

It enables the import of data held in spreadsheets and offers the collection of both structured and unstructured data while automated tools extract and combine data from multiple General Ledger and ERP systems.

With a choice of an on-premise or online solutions, data packs are automatically generated from and integrated back into Alphatax. Accounts Integration automatically transfers trial balance accounting data directly into Alphatax.  Excel based data packs are created automatically from Alphatax in a format designed for safe distribution via email to finance professionals. Completed packs are integrated into the computation file via a simple import process.

Audit trail & review

An audit trail is maintained throughout the compliance process providing users with high levels of transparency, and it includes: user name and timestamp for all entered data, interactive footnotes and review notes, computation snapshot facility.


Benefitting from more than 25 years’ development, Alphatax provides a comprehensive Corporation tax compliance engine, delivered in a familiar and intuitive user interface built on robust and well tested Microsoft technologies.

In addition to our standard Professional platform, we offer two enhanced options which provide organisations with high levels of database management, security and disaster recovery:


This on-premise solution provides a range of enhanced enterprise capabilities ranging from secure enterprise level database storage to integration with third party reporting tools. It incorporates computation snapshots for review and comparison, email alerts, storage of supporting backing documentation as well as wizard driven reporting that enables fast and simple production of complex reports.


The Enterprise solution is also available as a 24/7/365 hosted option requiring only a secure web browser to access the service.  The service provides instant access to premium tax software, without the IT burden and support costs that traditional installations can incur. The service is hosted in a secure Tier 3 UK data centre.


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