In order to meet increasing regulatory obligations, improve efficiency and accuracy across the process of data collection and management while ensuring the quality of regulatory data in the compliance process, the Data Management Suite helps you collect, store and check your data.


As much as 75% of an advisor's time is spent on the most inefficient part of the process manual data collection and the time lapse between sending requests and receiving responses from clients. There are multiple accounting systems and various formats to deal with across numerous clients to get the tax data that is needed, and then it has to be reviewed for quality and integrity, reworked and then consolidated into Excel or other formats. The process involves days or weeks spent responding to clients or colleagues in order to gather additional information. 

A lot of the work is often crammed into the final month before submission, resulting in the truncation of work at the end of each and every reporting period. Such inefficient processes and working practices impact on service quality. They can contribute to a reduction in recovery rates as well as longer completion times. 


Automation of data extraction and data management helps to reduce workloads and pressure on staff. Ultimately, it allows for faster delivery and increased recovery rates. 


Data Management Suite offers customers a choice of data collection options dependent on their appetite to embrace technology. The suite allows for the simple and accurate collection of data from ERP and accounting systems and helps automate the population of the compliance engine via a range of options from integration with your Statutory Accounts software, to online systems for collection of structured and unstructured data, to fully automated data extraction replacing the need for sending out spreadsheets, manual data entry and cut and paste at the advisor level. 

We can also work with you to create management dashboards and reports to fit your specific needs, as well as mapping your accounting systems' data into your Alphatax implementation. 


Discover the building blocks of automation.


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Discover how to automate the collection of tax information directly from source data.