Our Process Management Suite provides you with a window into your own compliance processes and those of your clients, offering deeper insight, improving collaboration and enabling greater control of the tax compliance lifecycle from data owner to tax specialist.


For advisors managing hundreds or thousands of client returns, ‘Making Tax Digital’ and other upcoming requirements will put increasing pressure on advisors to address the most inefficient parts of their processes.

Historically, increased workloads have necessitated the manual completion of spreadsheets at the busiest times of year and a rush to establish the status of each return across multiple geographically disparate departments, as well as with clients themselves. This makes it difficult to build and plan against an overall picture of current and future workloads to ascertain where risks may lie or support resource allocation and planning. Many advisors recognise that this no longer is an effective way forward.

Challenges now arise across people, systems and processes ranging from the identification of process flaws evidenced by bottlenecks and process loops which affect the productivity and performance of staff and can negatively impact on your performance when benchmarked against your peers. Greater workloads will also increase the amount of time and bureaucracy involved in inputting, completing, reviewing and signing off individual work streams, risking inaccuracies in client submissions.

All these factors present greater risks around recovery rates, meeting clients’ SLAs, managing global tax rates, missed deadlines, reputational damage, lower staff productivity and over-commitments due to underestimation of workloads.

A single process management dashboard brings all your compliance monitoring and reporting into a single location, delivering a single repository for clients and advisor teams to provide compliance updates and supporting information that reduces compliance risks, improves the efficiency of your tax processes and enhances client collaboration.



Process Management Suite is our Risk Management, audit control and business intelligence solution, which can either be hosted by us or installed on your premises, providing you with a window into your people, systems, processes and clients – and offering you greater control of the tax compliance lifecycle from data owner to tax specialist. Providing insight into hundreds or thousands of ongoing submissions, Process Management Suite mitigates risks and enhances productivity while providing your client with an opportunity to work more collaboratively with your teams.

Through automatic interrogation of multiple systems across multiple jurisdictions, Process Management Suite pulls all compliance reporting, workflow and productivity information and analytics into one central software package. Tax management and advisors can track at a glance the status of a submission, who is doing the work, and identify which clients are likely to provide information late, thus identifying the level of risk to the organisation in real-time.

Improved visibility of workflows can help avoid process bottlenecks and provide real time monitoring of client service and SLAs, productivity and team effectiveness. It can also help to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency, such as targeted staff training.

The system is highly customisable and allows for a granular interrogation of detail from interactive charts and tables, or a snapshot view of the overall compliance picture in order to analyse the level of efficiency and risk across a whole group or at country level.


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