Make the most of your investment in Alphatax

So Alphatax is the No.1 corporation tax software solution for corporates and advisors in the UK and Ireland used by over 1100 customers including 43% of the FTSE 100 and 23 of the top 25 UK Accountancy firms.

But we’ve discovered that a lot of our customers could be making even better use of their investment in our software by taking advantage of its additional rich functionality which they may not yet have explored.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you could be missing out on:

Accounts Integration 
Automate the import of accounts data from a trial balance into the tax computation, ensuring that the correct information is gathered with speed and without error.

Division Consolidation 
Efficiently enable computations to be prepared on a divisional level before consolidation to produce the company computation and tax return.

Group Function 
Provides transparency and visibility by consolidating group tax compliance data into a single group report. Group and entity data can be viewed in one location at any time during the compliance cycle.

Allows multiple versions of a computation at particular points in time to be saved. These versions can then be compared to allow differences to be highlighted retrospectively, or to create what-if scenarios.

Report Designer 
Mine data from tax computations. The tool includes standard report templates as well as the facility to design and create specific reports, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Diagnostics Go To Links 
Informs users of any potential problems within the computation, including specifying where those problems are expected to lead to an e-filing failure.

Administration Summary 
Ensures that you can focus on the key tasks and requirements of the compliance process from a single summary statement fed by data from the individual files and displays status icons for key tasks throughout the compliance process.

Partnership Function 
This function produces the Partnership Tax Return form SA800, including support for the short and full versions of the partnership statement and all supplementary pages.

Document Manager 
This is an easy-to-use tool to store tax compliance relevant documents and files within an Alphatax Enterprise Database.

Advanced IFRS Reporting 
Using this function to produce your Tax Provision Reports provides assistance in preparing a tax balance sheet and calculating the tax bases of assets and liabilities.

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