Looking back over 2023

As the year is drawing to a close – the Christmas parties are over, and people are preparing their out-of-offices, I’ve been taking stock of our achievements here at Tax Systems.

The phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” springs to mind, because my goodness I really feel like this year time has run away!

If I could use one word to describe this year, it would be growth. We have achieved so much this year, and it has all been so important – the foundations that we have laid this year will be invaluable for what we will achieve next year.

We have welcomed 18 new people to our teams, and 16 people were either promoted or changed roles internally. 11 of our employees celebrated their 10, 15 and unbelievably 20-year anniversaries here at Tax Systems! Five of our people welcomed babies into the world, there were two engagements and one wedding. We raised £8000 for our chosen charity Macmillan Cancer Support, and our support team closed nearly 9000 support calls all whilst maintaining an average customer satisfaction score of 9.7 – which I think is just incredible! We achieved 84 pieces of press coverage and launched our very first podcast.

Our teams have worked tirelessly to deliver 28 product releases across all our solutions in the UK and Ireland. We have continued to improve our flagship product Alphatax with new features, as well as supporting legislative and regulatory changes. Our gold-standard SaaS solution for VAT, AlphaVAT has been given a new user interface to bring it in-line with the Tax Systems brand refresh – not only does it look great, but it has improved the user experience too. On that note, thanks to performance and usability enhancements, AlphaVAT has helped us deliver a 32% efficiency saving to our customers.

We’ve also been working on new products that I am really excited to see launch next year – these have come about as a result of spending time and listening to our customers to understand what their pain points are so we can build and develop software that will really make a difference to them and transform the way they work.

This year has also seen us undergo our own transformation, operationally, as we transition to a SaaS business. As we have sought to broaden what we offer to our customers, and spread our wings as a company, this has ultimately culminated in not only growing the Tax Systems family but also expanding our geographical footprint – earlier this month we acquired TaxModel. This acquisition will be a strong growth lever for Tax Systems not just for next year, but for many years to come.

2023 has been a blast!

Those of you who know me, will know that the people and the culture here at Tax Systems are so important to me – I honestly believe that what we have built here is really special. Organisations can only succeed when they not only attract the right people in the right roles, but those people choose to stay. And that will only happen when the culture is one that empowers people to flourish and be the best versions of themselves. Take care of your people and they will take care of everything else.

So when I asked people what their highlights of this year were and if there was anything in particular that they were looking forward to in 2024, I was delighted to hear how often our employee events and our people were mentioned. Here’s what they had to say –

“My 2023 highlight has been seeing team members join us, others move around, people taking on different responsibilities and adapt to our evolving workplace. It’s been great how we’ve embraced GenAI and started to work it into our products, driving more value for our customers. Next year will see more of the same and it’s pretty exciting the step change in productivity this is capable of bringing.”
Vikki Woodford, Head of Product Operations

“My 2023 highlight was passing my Institute of Director (IoD) exams. In 2024 I’m most looking forward to working closely with our new TaxModel colleagues.​”
Garry Young, Head of Product Marketing

“My highlights this year were the Connecting Together meetings – especially the one with Mandy Hickson and our wellbeing activities (Puppy Yoga) and getting to know TaxModel.​”
Claire Butler, HR Adviser & Facilities Manager​

“2023 was all about AI for me of course! This year I’ve really enjoyed really seeing how AI can be used in our solutions to improve how our customers work.”
Russell Gammon, Chief Solutions Officer​

“The advances in technology that are going to rapidly start to support our customers, who are genuinely now looking at how they can transform their tax department. It feels like 2023 was the year that people finally started to act.​”
Richard Sampson, Chief Growth Officer​

“My favourite moment of 2023 was the Summer Connecting Together event – the sun was shining, the venue was gorgeous, and the activities were brilliant! It was such a fun day, I always enjoy catching up with colleagues.​ 2024 is going to be really exciting, so not sure what I’m most looking forward to yet – launching new products to market, the customer event, or getting to know our new colleagues at TaxModel.”
Mel Thorpe-Smith, Marketing Communications Manager​

“The Summer Connecting Together event was definitely the highlight of my year!​”
Samir Ali , Desktop Support Engineer​

“The Summer Connecting Together was great, but I think Mandy Hickson was a highlight for me.”​
Nick Hales, Head of Information Security​

“A 2023 highlight for me was Nic and Dhruv’s excellent BEPS/Pillar 2 seminar.​”
Tom Gaughan, Migration Tax Specialist​

“Too many to mention for 2023, I think we’ve made huge progress across the entire business. I’m really looking forward to the new products in 2024.​”
Sean Capes, Chief Technology Officer​

As for me, my favourite part of 2023 was the continued enthusiasm and growth of employees and working partnerships in a hybrid world.

On that note, I’d like to thank everyone at Tax Systems, for their hard work and dedication this year. I’d also like to thank our customers and our partners for their support, for continuing to work with us. This year has been one hell of a ride, and I am very looking forward to 2024 with you all.

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