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On 30 March 2020, we received news from HMRC that the digital links mandate has been delayed.

All businesses will be given until their VAT periods commencing on or after 1 April 2021 to put in place digital links for MTD.  This effectively means that, whether you are part of the core or deferred mandation groups, there will now be a single date of 1 April 2021, giving businesses the breathing space to comply with and derive benefit from the digital links mandate.

The news comes after the UK government announced that all VAT payments due in the period 20 March until the end of June 2020, would be postponed until the end of the financial year in a bid to help businesses manage their cash flow during the coronavirus pandemic. This will benefit around 2 million VAT payers and delay £30 billion in taxes.

Note that VAT Returns will still need to be submitted and VAT reclaims and refunds will continue to be processed as normal by HMRC.

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