Why Connecting Together matters

I always look forward to our quarterly Connecting Together sessions here at Tax Systems, but tomorrow’s will be really very special. Not only will it be our first event of the year, but we’ll also be joined by our new TaxModel colleagues! This will be the first opportunity for most people to meet each other, and I know both teams are really excited.

Connecting Together is just one of the approaches that makes our vibrant ways of working a success. As the name suggests, these events are a chance for everyone in the company to spend the day together… connecting!

Our hybrid working policy means we look to recruit the right people into the right roles, irrespective of location; so we begin around mid-morning, to give everyone plenty of time to arrive, as well as grab a drink and a pastry – to get the day off to a good start.

We always kick off with the latest news and updates from each department, as well as the business as a whole. It’s important everyone understands what our strategic objectives are, and how each person contributes to our success. Yes we’re in the business of software and tax technology, but there are real people at the heart of it all – so we make sure to celebrate achievements from work anniversaries, promotions, and new starters, to new babies, engagements, and marriages.

Each event also has a theme, for example, last year we had teamwork, value creation, change management, and celebrating success. Having a theme gives us structure for the day and informs the types of group activities that are organised. Everyone has a part to play, whether it’s facilitating or actively participating, and it’s always good fun when it comes to presenting the output from each team…we’ve had everything from poetry and rap, to role play. It’s amazing to see what can be pulled together with a few props and a bit of imagination!
To keep things interesting, we bring in external people and companies, which always changes up the dynamic. We’ve had motivational speakers to inspire and encourage us, arts & crafts to unleash our creative talents, games masters to test our lateral thinking and teamworking skills, experts to advise us where we can do better, fitness and wellbeing coaches to help us with our mental and physical health, and puppy cuddling because, well, who doesn’t like cuddling puppies?!

But whilst all the activities we take part in may differ each time, the one single, common denominator that binds them altogether (apart from fun!) is that they all underpin and instil our Tax Systems values: forward-thinking, trustworthy, collaborative, proven, and passionate. With every task we carry out, we demonstrate that by drawing on these values, we are more likely to succeed. The bonds that are formed and strengthened between people at these events exemplifies what makes Tax Systems such a vibrant place to work. And it is such a joy to see – I really think they show Tax Systems at its very best.

Yes we operate a remote first working policy, but strong relationships are only formed through shared experiences, and this is made all the better by in person interaction. Meeting up with people face to face allows us all to have conversations about everyday non-work things, which gives us a better understanding of who we work with, which in turn supports a readiness and willingness to communicate more frequently and more openly. And of course good communication is key to making anything work.

So as well as all the usual enjoyment that’s anticipated for tomorrow’s event – I’m keen to show our new colleagues at TaxModel who we really are. We are Tax Systems.

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