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Tax Reporting processes should be simple to control and inexpensive, whilst maintaining the level of control and transparency we all expect. The industry now demands corporations to have a sustainable and standardised process to complete their interim and year-end tax provision calculations. Controls around processes and users, coupled with an automated flow of information between general ledger data and tax provisioning systems will save valuable time.

Many UK corporations continue to manually produce their year-end tax provision calculations. Naturally this may bring a number of challenges including; managing the level of risk, controlling the accuracy of tax calculations, managing the level of resource time, producing standardised year-end tax reports and much more.

At Tax Computer Systems, we have helped many organisations to remodel the technology around their year-end provisioning process. This has been done by automating the consolidation of data, applying tax rules in a standardised way and, of course, fully automating the output of the key year-end reports.

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The Solutions & Key Benefits

Our experienced consultants can provide operational advice by analysing your existing methodologies and designing a transformation plan to automate and streamline your tax provisioning process. By streamlining the process, pulling data from multiple sources, minimising risk, saving resource time and improving visibility, you are able to bring tax financial reporting to a whole new level.

You will be able to harness the strength of the UK’s leading corporation tax engine, Alphatax, and seamlessly integrate the software into your end-to-end tax provision process creating a robust and transparent year-end tax provisioning process.

The benefits your organisation will gain are as follows:

  • A provisioning solution that delivers FRS 102, FRS 101 and IFRS statutory tax reporting
  • A robust solution that is driven by the industry’s trusted tax rules engine Alphatax
  • An easy to manage user interface with Microsoft look and feel functionality
  • A comprehensive suite of tax reports for both entity and group consolidated reportingwebsite risk
  • A fully configurable tax report to suit different business types
  • Greater levels of risk management through a controlled tax reporting environment
  • High levels of transparency and visibility for both organisation and the auditors



Our solution will streamline the process of creating year-end reports in a seamless and cost effective way. You will be partnering with an established supplier whose reputation for tax solutions and services exceeds industry standards.






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