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Welcome to the Tax Systems "VAT process readiness checker".

As you will know, from April 2021, your organisation will be required to comply with HMRC's "digital links" requirements, as set out in their MTD for VAT mandate. This means that your business must be able to demonstrate that their data flows from source system(s), through any workings, into the VAT return itself, without manual intervention. This means that actions such as copy/paste are no longer allowed.

In our experience, this can cause issues for Tax teams, as VAT processes are often complex and have not been upgraded for some time.

This readiness checker will ask you a few simple questions about your current state VAT process, as well as a couple of future updates, e.g. changes associated with Brexit. It will take no longer than 5 minutes for you to complete.

Once completed, it will give you a risk rating and some practical suggested "next steps" for how to ensure compliance in 2021 and beyond.

Thanks, Tax Systems