Harness the power of generative AI

Alphamap streamlines your compliance data management process
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Use generative AI to effortlessly upload trial balance data into P&Ls, DPLs, and apply tax treatments

Alphamap is our smarter solution for data management

Mitigate Risk

Automation reduces risk of human error.​ Data is stored securely in the UK within the Tax Systems Microsoft Azure environment.

Create Opportunities

Streamline and standardise your compliance data management process to increase efficiency and save time.

Generate Insights

Alphamap enables tax teams to focus on analysing data and generating valuable business insights.

Revolutionise your tax processes with a compliance co-pilot

Alphamap elevates Alphatax users from a data input role to a tax analyst. This frees up tax professionals to focus on higher-value tasks such as business partnering and data insights.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Alphatax to automate trial balance mapping.
  • Reduces the time taken to map and upload trial balances by up to 80%.
  • Populates your P&L & DPL with 90%+ accuracy and automatically applies tax treatments for your team’s review.
  • Unique ability to incorporate your specific business context helps ensure high quality results.
  • Alphamap uses a secure, encrypted web browser connection to protect your information as it is uploaded.
  • A full record of the data imported is created within the computation and allows data to be traced back to source, with full drill back from a consolidated figure in Alphatax to the individual account code line items.

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    Alphamap FAQs

    1. What is Alphamap?

    Alphamap is our new solution for data management – it uses generative AI to effortlessly upload trial balance data into P&Ls, DPLs, and prepares initial tax treatments for review.

    2. How does it work?

    We have taken advantage of the powerful capabilities of generative-AI technology. All mappings within Alphamap use generative-AI and a custom-built logic to ensure a high a quality of accuracy when mapping your data. We’ve taken a unique approach to how we use generative-AI, via a set of underlying strategies which give consistent and accurate results.

    3. Does it integrate with other software, or just Alphatax?

    Alphamap is designed to integrate with Alphatax, it does not integrate with other applications.

    4. Can we add logic in like “all codes 4XXX are Turnover, 5XXX are Cost of sales." Etc?

    Yes! We have added a new context window that allows users to type in context about their account codes and descriptions, which will then apply mapping rules to the data for you.

    5. Does the model learn from our corrections? Do we get our own model that learns?

    No, you won’t get your own model, which means Alphamap won’t learn from your organisation’s specific corrections.

    We collect feedback from across our entire customer base, anonymously, on what corrections are being made. We then train Alphamap on that cumulative data, continuously, which will improve the accuracy of the results.

    We don’t give each customer their own model because if we allow the model to continue to train without careful supervision / curation we would see the results getting worse over time in many instances. We (Tax Systems) take on the responsibility of training the model, so we can ensure the best results possible.

    6. Does our data get used to train central AI models like OpenAI or Microsoft?

    No, we use Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services, which ensures that the data only remains within the Tax Systems tenant and does not train any central models. Please see our data privacy policy for more details


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    We’re proud to have over 1,000 corporate customers including 42 of the FTSE 100.

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    Advisors can greatly improve the efficiency of their teams by allowing skilled staff to focus on value added work and reduce risk whilst creating more effective collaboration with clients.​

    We’re the leading provider of tax compliance software to over 200 accounting firms.

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