Country-by-country reporting made simple

Convert and submit XML formatted reports with ease
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CbC reporting made as easy as 1,2,3

TPcbc supports your country-by-country reporting needs
quickly and cost effectively​

Mitigate Risk

All data in TPcbc is fully encrypted and stored in a secure environment.​

Create Opportunities

Annually updated templates relieve the burden of internal maintenance and free up time for higher value activities.​

Generate Insights

Automatically identifies any missing or incorrectly formatted information for swift resolution. ​

Create, validate, convert & submit XML reports with ease

TPcbc provides an easy to use, 3-step approach to country-by-country reporting in a secure, encrypted environment with OECD compliant templates (MS Excel).
  • Facilitates filing in more than 20 OECD countries​.
  • Annually updated OECD compliant templates​​.
  • Includes comprehensive financial data, addresses, and functions of entities within multinational corporations.
  • Validates missing or incorrectly formatted data.
  • Converts templates to the required XML format.
  • XML report for local filing.
  • Continuously monitors the tax position impact.

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    TPcbc is provided through TaxModel, a Tax Systems company based in The Netherlands. By submitting this form, you give your permission for us to hold and share your details with TaxModel for the purposes of fulfilling this enquiry and ongoing account management. You can read TaxModel’s privacy policy here.


    TPcbc is provided by TaxModel, a Tax Systems company.

    TaxModel provide innovative solutions that minimise repetitive manual tasks and increase collaboration; enabling individuals to deliver greater strategic benefit to both their tax team and the organisation as a whole.

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