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Simplify your end-to-end DAC6 compliance process
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Streamline your compliance journey and expedite DAC6 adherence

DAC6pro is our intuitive, market-leading software platform

Mitigate Risk

DAC6pro is 100% compliant and audit-proof in all 27 EU member states.

Create Opportunities

Save time so that you can focus on more strategic issues.

Generate Insights

Provides smart funnelling, validation, filtering, and suggestions for an intelligent data collection and assessment process.​

Consolidate all your mandatory disclosure regime requirements with DAC6pro

DAC6pro is our SaaS solution that provides an intuitive, secure, auditable end-to-end process, from data gathering to evaluation, to enable you to accurately report your cross-border tax arrangements.
  • Effortlessly gather, evaluate, convert and report authority-requested data​​.
  • Tailored filtering based on country, tax types, hallmark hits, intermediaries, etc​.
  • Identify applicable hallmarks for your arrangements.
  • Knowledgebase integration – access publicly-available EU or national DAC6 information​.
  • Stay updated with a real-time and dynamic dashboard displaying statuses and deadlines​.
  • Utilise built-in tools for comments, replies, and document uploads​.
  • Assign user and client management roles for enhanced organisation.
  • Automated notifications for task follow-ups or privilege rights.
  • All data is hosted securely within the TaxModel Microsoft Azure platform with role-based access for enhanced control.

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    DAC6pro is provided by TaxModel, a Tax Systems company.

    TaxModel provide innovative solutions that minimise repetitive manual tasks and increase collaboration; enabling individuals to deliver greater strategic benefit to both their tax team and the organisation as a whole.

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