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Fully compliant with OECD transfer pricing documentation requirements for 100% peace of mind.

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Automatically generate MS Word master and local files at speed, for improved transfer pricing process efficiency.

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Visualise the documentation generation process for effective monitoring.

Meet your transfer pricing documentation requirements confidently and at speed with TPdoc.

TPdoc is the go-to tool for transfer pricing professionals looking to produce high quality, 100% OECD-compliant transfer pricing documentation at pace.

With collaborative document workflow management, automated MS Word production and a comprehensive content library, TPdoc has everything you need to expand your transfer pricing practices.

  • User-friendly SaaS based platform.
  • Role based access control.
  • Internal and external collaboration functionality.
  • Comprehensive workflow features.
  • Vertical (future & past) and horizontal (country & entity) roll forwards.
  • Training capabilities for transfer pricing junior professionals.
Support for all your transfer pricing documentation requirements

TPdoc delivers

Accessible from a central hub, TPdoc provides a range of features, from automated file generation to a library of reusable content, to enable you to streamline your transfer pricing documentation processes.

RBAC & collaboration

TPdoc provides role-based access control e.g. document preparer, reviewer, with the option to upgrade to any bespoke permissions as required by your organisation, which can also include any 3rd parties for secure collaboration. This ensures data security across your entire documentation preparation workflow.

Workflow management

TPdoc includes comprehensive workflow management features that enable you to rationalise and organise the transfer pricing documentation process. All sequential tasks can be visualised through the dashboard, with notifications to prompt action by defined owners and deadline monitoring to ensure agreed timescales are met. Additional features such as the single set-up of intercompany transactions overview and the roll forward of previous fiscal year data help save you time across the entire lifecycle.

Automated file generation

Automatically generate both master and local MS Word files incorporating the relevant OECD Chapter V requirements with TPdoc. Tailored to your transactions, these files dynamically expand in line with any increases to those transactions.

Content library

TPdoc includes its own content library comprising reusable assets such as text cards for functions, risks and assets, standard annexes and Master file and Local file templates to enable you to easily comply with OECD standards*.

*TPdoc meets the OECD documentation requirements as set out in the OECD Transfer Pricing for Multinational Enterprises & Tax Administrations 2017 Annex I and II to Chapter V. Transfer Pricing Documentation – Masterfile and Local file.

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    TPdoc is provided by TaxModel, a Tax Systems company.

    TaxModel provide innovative solutions that minimise repetitive manual tasks and increase collaboration; enabling individuals to deliver greater strategic benefit to both their tax team and the organisation as a whole.

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