Step up your transfer pricing processes

Smarter solutions that save cost, increase control, and free-up time

SaaS solutions for transfer pricing professionals

Our comprehensive suite of transfer pricing solutions support organisations with streamlining their documentation and benchmarking processes, allowing you to save cost and focus your time where it matters most – delivering intelligent insights whilst being confident in your compliance.


TPdoc has the unique ability to automate OECD-compliant master and local files generation in MS Word. It reduces the time and effort required from transfer pricing professionals by up to 70%.


TPbenchmark automates the transfer pricing benchmarking process, with gen-AI features, reducing the turnaround time by two-thirds compared to traditional methods.

Cbc reporting

TPcbc is a SaaS solution that saves you valuable time and money when creating, validating, converting, and submitting country-by-country XML reports for 20+ OECD member states.

Managed services

TPnext are technology-driven managed services for documentation and benchmarking provided by our team of transfer pricing experts using TPdoc and TPbenchmark.


TPdoc, TPbenchmark, TPcbc, and TPnext are provided by TaxModel, a Tax Systems company.

TaxModel provide innovative solutions that minimise repetitive manual tasks and increase collaboration; enabling individuals to deliver greater strategic benefit to both their tax team and the organisation as a whole.

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