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Effortlessly transform your VAT returns process

AlphaVAT is our gold-standard, SaaS solution for VAT

Mitigate Risk

Compliance is ensured at all times using tax logic that’s up to date with regulations.

Create Opportunities

Automation frees up time which can be spent on more value-add activities.

Generate Insights

Pre-built reports and data analytics give you visibility across the entire VAT process.

Confidence in your calculations, no matter how complex

AlphaVAT has been built by tax professionals for tax professionals, so it can deal with even the most complex VAT processes.
  • Includes HMRC recommended and custom data checks.
  • Accommodates both standard and special method partial exemption.
  • Group VAT functionality automatically consolidates member calculations.
  • Compare data across periods to establish trends.
  • Maximise recovery rates.
  • Easily manage changes in ERP reporting and adjustments to source data.

The biggest issues with current VAT processes

During assessments of 200+ enterprise VAT processes pre-implementation of AlphaVAT we found millions of pounds of incorrect VAT were being paid, 50+ days a month being spent on VAT and teams wasted one week each period checking Excel.

Time spent preparing data and ensuring spreadsheet integrity


Organisations had spreadsheet errors


Errors had meaningful impact


More UK enterprises choose AlphaVAT than any other VAT automation platform

AlphaVAT delivers

Digitalising your VAT processes can provide immediate gains, including significant time savings, fewer errors, and more time to carry out data analysis and tax planning. By choosing specialist VAT software, you’re investing in a solution that’s fit for any future changes in legislation, as well as organisational growth.  


Covers all UK VAT, including complex calculations, PESM and Group Returns.

  • Partial exemption recovery.​
  • Foreign exchange using HMRC rates.​
  • Manual adjustments & notes.


Gain visibility across the entire VAT process and carry out focused reviews.

  • Data analytics dashboard.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Data summaries.


Collect, prepare, review and validate data. Automate checks and actions.

  • HMRC recommended data checks.​
  • Custom data checks & automate actions.
  • Intuitive data mapping & filtering.


Track back and reconcile data at source or view and query data.

  • Reconciliation reports.​
  • Calculation reports.
  • Adjustments, edited transactions and automated data changes.


Control and review every step of the VAT return process.

  • Role & entity-based access controls.​
  • Digital audit trail & digital links.​
  • Notifications & alerts.


State of the art security ensures your data is kept safe and secure.

  • Built in authorisation process.
  • Multi-site data resilience.​
  • Tax Systems are ISO27001 certified.

Bridge the gap to MTD for VAT

If your VAT processes are less complex, or you don’t have a partial exemption, or need group functionality, our bridging solution could be more suitable.
Alphabridge provides the mandatory digital link between the VAT calculation spreadsheet and HMRC, allowing you to submit your VAT return to HMRC via an API to ensure compliance with MTD for VAT.

A suite of additional features are built in to make your VAT submission as easy as possible including:

  • Access to historical submissions made via the Alphabridge portal.
  • An entity management screen that shows future obligation periods.
  • Ability to look at any payments, liabilities and refunds received from HMRC.
  • Multi-user role-based access for different members of the finance team as required.

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